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Interactive Events - Master Classes
White House Style – Master Classes by Nancy Clarke

When you’re looking for someone to teach classes beyond the basics of holiday and event décor, whether it’s for dinner parties for twenty or formal State Dinners, Nancy Clarke is the one to share the tips and tricks of designing at the White House. As a floral design professional for more than 35 years, she teaches exclusive and interactive sessions, customized for small or large groups, and explores hands-on, step-by-step design. She also stresses the importance of selecting high-quality flowers and appropriate containers for different events   In addition to extensive discussions about design, Nancy can provide valuable information to help create the “look” of your event by selecting appropriate tablecloths, crystal, china, and candles.  These tips for creating memorable functions can range from simply decorating to planning events as significant as Presidential Congressional ball or a highly photographed celebrity wedding.

In “Master Classes ,” Nancy's events fully engage attendees in hands-on work with flowers and art materials.  Design principles are shared and explored. There will also likely be charming stories from Nancy’s  little floral shop under the stairs at the White House, her voyages around the world through the flowers and décor she has chosen over the years, and the many interesting people that she charmed with her world-renowned floral art and design. (Generally limited to 25 designers - approximately 2 hours, 25-50 designers - approximately 3 hours.)

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White House Style - Conversations with Nancy Clarke

If you are looking for someone to speak about evoking a celebratory spirit at a corporate event or a VIP dinner, Nancy Clarke can elevate the experience of any gathering.

Nancy offers a rare, behind-the-scenes glimpse into select, inner workings of the White House. As the Chief Floral Designer, she led a staff of four full-time designers and eleven part-time designers, and worked directly with each First Lady and White House Social Secretary to plan appropriate decor for State Dinners, receptions, and the First Families’ private events. Starting well in advance of Christmas each year, she worked closely with the First Ladies, their Social Secretaries and Decorators to determine holiday themes and prepare festive decorations for the Executive Mansion.  Each December, she then managed 80-100 volunteers to install and put finishing touches on the artful décor and the impressive floral arrangements. 


In her “Conversations,” Nancy shares both personal and professional anecdotes that she treasures.  Her talks are tailored to each event and can include PowerPoint presentations, slide shows and floral design presentations. The discussions include insight into the distinctive styles of the last six First Ladies, including classic White House décor appropriate throughout the year.


As a Second Option, she also can present a full understanding of how Christmas begins working with First Ladies, Social Secretaries, and decorators to design and then implement these designs into decorations appreciated by White House guests, visitors and television audiences. (Available from October-December only - also available as a Master Class)



White House Style - Interpretations with Nancy Clarke

Nancy can create functions in any setting, ranging from replicating a formal State Dinner or a First Lady’s luncheon to a formal reception and First Family holiday parties.  Nancy is your consulting event partner if you are looking to host a small but exclusive event or a presentation for hundreds. With advanced arrangements, she can even work closely with local florists and caterers to plan your event’s décor; everything from tabletop settings to identical floral designs that were enjoyed by six First Families at home in the White House.

She designed themes and décor for visiting Kings, Queens, and Heads of State, and other special guests from around the world as former White House Chief Floral Designer

In “Interpretations,” Nancy teaches how to clarify and interpret the” look” of your event, so that it informs and guides floral design and artful decor.  When well-chosen and carried out, these elements can help establish the tone and create lasting memories of important occasions (and great photos), whether the events settings are elegant, whimsical, serene, solemn, formal, casual, somewhere in between, or a delicious combination.

She can easily turn your holiday occasions into something done just for you. From PowerPoint presentations or floral demonstrations on how to do it yourself. With special arrangements, Nancy can also personally design your specific event; please inquire well in advance.

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